The Effect of Maintenance of Concrete Batching Plant on the Cement

In order to obtain good quality concrete, we make the maintenance of concrete batching plant equipment, and the purpose of maintenance is ensuring that cement hydration process can be carried out normally, which includes the temperature labor saving hot sale portable concrete mixer and humidity of control environment. In early maintenance period of concrete batching plant, there is a best maintenance temperature, only in this case, the concrete has biggest strength.

The maintenance of concrete mixing plant has effect on the strength of cement, because cement hydration can only occur at the capillary, we must create conditions to prevent the water evaporation from the capillary, and in the cement hydration process, the cement gel has a large specific surface area, a large number of free water become the surface adsorption of water. At this time, if you do not let water enter the cement, the cement will appear dry phenomenon. So during the maintenance period, the concrete must be kept in the saturated state. Only in the condition of full water, the speed of cement hydration can be the biggest of all.

The maintenance of concrete batch plant has effect on the strength of cement: the area of high degree of hydration is wrapped around the cement particles, which hampers the hydration reaction, and reduces the amount of hydrates. In the case of low maintenance temperature, because of the slow hydration, and it has full diffusion time, the hydrates are uniformly distributed in the cement stone.

Market Factors Determine the Development of Concrete Mixer

Because the situation of construction equipment is complex, there are some difficulties to adapt to different conditions of normal operation. In 2015, concrete mixer industry still insists on the traditional development pattern. Technology hzs 35 small ready mix concrete batching plant research and development field needs comply with the national policies, keep up with the market pace, make the concept of low carbon environmental protection blend in the product research and development and strive to form a new breakthrough in the field of energy-saving JS concrete mixer.

Concrete mixer industry keeps the purposes with capacity expansion, investment increase, and full range and multi-function development. Therefore, in the product design stage, the industry needs to pay more attention to the application of energy conservation idea and lay a good foundation for later direction. But for the pursuit of practical results, the concrete mixer equpment industry should also be gradual.

As one of the large demands equipment, force type concrete mixer’ prosperity or smooth trends will have a nature impact on the whole industry. After joining energy saving element, we also should ensure the different energy conservation index in different working conditions which puts forward higher requirements on technical level. At the same time, domestic concrete mixer has obvious price advantage and relatively high quality products, so foreign Sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer market will be further opened.

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